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Jan 8 is National Bubble Bath Day.

We get it and tend to agree that there seems to be a ‘National Day” for everything. National Lint Day, National Thumb Tack Day, National Fingernail Day. So many days to celebrate or NOT. But this one does have some merit. Looking beyond the bubble bath theme, the bigger idea is about pampering and taking care of oneself. The idea of a full day dedicated to that is a super idea. We fully support the idea of the overworked mom taking a blissful momment to enjoy the brief stillness.We have a some great Goodie Tins that are pretty much a no-brainer for National Bubble Bath Day. And to take it up a notch you should consider these Goodie Tins as a gift to someone you know can really use some pampering.We also like the Cosmo Goodie Tin for National Bubble Bath Day. Follow this line of reasoning for a minute. We’ve already expanded this day to include all types of pampering. So we’ve arrived at the ultimate in pampering with tasty libations. Cosmos anyone?

Goodie Tin

Goat Milk Soap Goodie Tin

Cosmo Goodie Tin

Cosmo Goodie Tin


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