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Words Matter!

Here at Goodie Tins, we believe that words matter. We believe words have the power to lift you up or bring you down. Obviously we choose the former. When designing our website we purposefully chose a design that allowed us to incorporate our favorite quotes in each product category. We thought it would be fun … Continue reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Half of adults plan on ignoring Valentine’s Day completely. If that’s your plan but not the plan of your significant other, we have some last-minute but very romantic ideas to make sure you don’t end up in the doghouse. 1. Balloon ambush. And it is as much fun as it sounds. In fact, Goodie Tins co-founder … Continue reading

Jan 8 is National Bubble Bath Day.

We get it and tend to agree that there seems to be a ‘National Day” for everything. National Lint Day, National Thumb Tack Day, National Fingernail Day. So many days to celebrate or NOT. But this one does have some merit. Looking beyond the bubble bath theme, the bigger idea is about pampering and taking care of … Continue reading

Corporate Holiday Goodie Tins

The holidays are a great time to recognize the clients and suppliers that have helped you acheive your business goals  throughout the year. That’s why we offer Corporate Goodie Tins as a way to show thanks. Options include the current holiday line which features yummy hot cocoa tins, luxurious soap tins or coffee tins . We also offer the opportunity to customize our … Continue reading

Hannukah Goodie Tins

Over the years, the concept of gift-giving for Hanukkah has expanded way beyond children. Adults can also revel in the joys of gift giving. A modern way to celebrate the holiday is with our Hanukkah Goodie Tin. This Goodie Tin is filled with delicious matzo brittle. It is a tasty version of matzo complete with sweet … Continue reading

Homemade Cranberry Sauce by @AsBestRecipes

Homemade Cranberry Sauce by Adriana’s Best Recipes Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching and nothing more delicious than having fresh cranberry sauce served at the table. I’m sure you will enjoy my recipe and will become a tradition of yours when you discover how easy it is to prepare at home. This is what you need: INGREDIENTS 1 bag of … Continue reading

Safe Halloween Tips

Fall is absolutely one of our favorite times of the year. Fall brings the changing of the leaves, a light chill in the air, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters and of course Halloween. What’s cuter than little munchkins all dressed up for trick-or-treating? But with all the fun of Halloween it is very important to … Continue reading

Do we have your vote? #SKParentingAwards

We are honored to be nominated by She Knows, the destination for women with the latest information on parenting, health, entertainment and more, recognizing our Goodie Tins  as a product within the parenting industry for true excellence. Our baby’s first year photo Goodie Tin has been nominated in the best baby shower category.”So thrilled and honored … Continue reading

The Return of the Bar Soap

Are you a liquid soap or bar soap kind of girl? We vote for bar soap. There is just something about a bar soap that is classic and timeless. Bar soaps feel a bit more luxurious and more feminine than the mass produced liquid version. Many of us grew up with bar soaps so it … Continue reading

How early is too early for Christmas?

It feels like Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year. There was a time when stores would not start with the decorations until after Thanksgiving. It feels like you’re inundated with Christmas before the all Halloween candy has been consumed. We are currently working on the Goodie Tins Holiday collection and honestly it has not … Continue reading

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