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Hannukah Goodie Tins

Over the years, the concept of gift-giving for Hanukkah has expanded way beyond children. Adults can also revel in the joys of gift giving. A modern way to celebrate the holiday is with our Hanukkah Goodie Tin. This Goodie Tin is filled with delicious matzo brittle. It is a tasty version of matzo complete with sweet caramel, rich chocolate and toasted nuts. The tin itself is designed in a traditional blue and white. Perfect to take along for any gathering.

Who knew a few simple ingredients could be so yummy. Matzo Brittle is the perfect treat for Hanukkah. Give at your own risk—it’s addictive. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this Goodie Tin. This year Hanukkah begins on Decmber 8.

Goodie Tins Hanukkah Matzo Britle

Goodie Tins Hanukkah Matzo Britle


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