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The Return of the Bar Soap


Are you a liquid soap or bar soap kind of girl? We vote for bar soap. There is just something about a bar soap that is classic and timeless. Bar soaps feel a bit more luxurious and more feminine than the mass produced liquid version. Many of us grew up with bar soaps so it brings back those sweet childhood memories.  We’re not alone because bar soap sales across the country are increasing at double the rate of liquid soaps. They are definitely making a comeback but not as your average white soap. There is a new emphasis luxury with boutique scents and all-natural ingredients.

We always strive for sophistication in our product selection. We try to select items for our Goodie Tins that are a notch above the average gift. So when seeking the best options for our soap tins we selected Goat Milk Soaps for our Goodie Tins.

We loved the fact that goat’s milk is a known to benefit the skin, and is filled with moisturizers and ingredients designed to sooth and nourish.

We pack this Goodie Tin with 10 generously sized soaps in a mix of classic scents like lavender mint, hydrangea rose and rich oatmeal.  We’ve also included more modern scents like cinnapear and citrus splash.  Each soap comes individually wrapped in a classic brown paper wrapper tied up with string.


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