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Have Goodie Bags gone too far?

Being a company called Goodie Tins affords us the unique ability to judge everything goodie including the ubiquitous goodie bag. In today’s world a big part of a child’s party is the goodie bag which has now morphed into a miniature red carpet swag bag. The bag is just one of the elements in the trend towards over-the-top customized cakes, elaborate themes and ultra cool locales. How’s the average mom supposed to keep up? What happened to the simple homemade cakes and a few simple plastic toys as the takeaway. Some goodie bags are fit for a royal wedding and not a 5-year old. We’ve heard of $50 gift cards to retailers, cellphones, itunes gift cards but the kicker was a live goldfish. What mom wants that forced upon her?

There has to be a stop to it all. Again, as the expert on all things goodie, we know that things have gotten a bit out of hand. Take it back to the old days when kids were happy with less and appreciated things more. Resist the pressure to up the ante on the goodie bag. Someone has to start the revolution.


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