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Goodie Tins: New Product Spotlight

This new series will take you behind the scenes into the process in which we develop new Goodie Tins.

In the last month we added two new items to the Goodie Tins baby product line. One rule of thumb we like to adhere to when developing a new tin is making sure our products different from items that can be picked up just anywhere. You’ll see that thread pulled through color choice, design and pretty much everything we do. It makes us happy to envision the recipient of a Goodie Tin being blown away by their gift because it is so unique.

Baby gifts are a must in life. Seems like there is always a new little person to welcome into the world.  We hear from parents that once a new baby enters the family, life gets to be very hectic. While every mom would like to capture each and every milestone, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Our Baby’s First Year Goodie Tin is a great solve. It includes 12 onesies each decorated with the numbers 1-12. Each month Mom can photograph baby wearing the appropriate onesies. This is an easy way to look back at what the little one was up to each month.

And course we have to talk about the tin design. This one ranks as a top favorite around the office. It is inspired by the innocence of a baby. The colors chosen are light and fresh just like a newborn. We recommend choosing photos that are clean, close up and uncluttered.


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