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New Products with Facebook input #goodietins

We have learned that to continue to grow our business, we need to constantly innovate. Some ways we do this is to leverage new technologies and to create new products based on consumer needs. One interesting idea we had was the “First Year Memories Tin”. This tin is based on the fact that babies grow up fast and becasue life if extremely busy, there never seems to be enough time to capture all the milestones. And for those Moms who manage to get all the snapshots, the challenge is looking back through a million photos trying to figure out how old the baby was. The idea was solid but we were not sure about the design. That’s where Facebok came in. We showed the two designs in question to our Facebook community and let them determine which design we should incorporate. The feedback led us in a clear direction and was very quick. Within minutes we knew which direction to go in. Facebok is great for this type of survey. We’ve added the product to our line and hope it does well. Check it out here:


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