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Adding some drama to a baby shower by Goodie Tins

Last week’s Feature Friday on Facebook was all about adding some drama to a baby shower in an elegant way. We did it with the “Tower of Tins”. We got lots of responses from people who thought the idea was just darling. Our position is that a baby shower doesn’t have to be a childish pink and blue affair.

Instead of the typical, and let’s face it often useless favors, our favors served double-duty as both centerpiece and party favor. This is just one example of how a baby shower can be more tailored to represent the aesthetic of the parents-to-be. Further intrigued, we searched around to find the top trends in baby showers.

The Jack and Jill shower.

Instead of the dad-to-be having to sit through the baby shower all by himself, with a Jack and Jill showers, he gets to invite his bros. The atmosphere is casual.
Good drinks, good food, and good conversation. No silly games and activities.

The Green Shower

We saw this one on Babycenter and are still not sure what to think about it. Instead of buying new items, guests are encouraged to bring gently used items. Sounds practical and makes sense but it doesn’t it take the fun out of tearing into a brand new present.

The Charity Shower

Really loved that when celebrity Mom Tori Spelling had a shower for her third child, she opted out of receiving gifts and instead asked that guests donate to her favorite charity
benefiting babies.

The Daddy Shower?

Is nothing scared? After all that moms-to-be have to go through… the weight gain, the stretch marks, can’t they have something just for them. Not a fan of this idea.

The Extreme Theme Baby Shower

From books to movies, someparents are really taking it to the next level. We’ve seen the cutest showers based on favorite children’s tales like Good Night Moon and even a Star Wars themed baby shower.

The Sip and See

We first learned about this one from Phaedra Parks from the Real Housewives of Atlanta television series. Apparently it’s a Southern tradition where family and friends visit after the baby is born.

Trends for Baby Shower

Girls just wanna have fun.


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